How To Prep Your Swimming Pool Before Leaving For Vacation

Keeping your swimming pool clean during the summer can be quite simple once you have a system in place and follow the best one that works for you. However, if you are about to head out of town for a few days or even an entire week you need to make sure you have completed a few things so that your water doesn’t turn green and become algae infested while you enjoy your getaway.

The most important thing to do before leaving on vacation is to shock your pool’s water and add chlorine tablets to the chlorinator while having your pump connected to a timer for daily filtration. Also vacuum the floor of the pool, clean any filters and empty all skimmer baskets. It is also advisable to top the water off in case of evaporation.

By completing these steps, it will help ensure it keeps any algae from developing while you are going to be away. If you are expected to be gone more than a week, you may add a few extra chlorine tablets and double shock your pool. Simply give it a double dosage of shock. This will get your chlorine levels to a stronger level reducing the chance of algae.

It may also be a good idea to have a neighbor, friend of family member check on it or add additional chlorine if you are expected to be gone for much longer than a 7 to 10 day period.

Keep Pump Running While On Vacation

The most important thing of all is to be sure your pump is operating while away. This is the only way to keep your pool from deteriorating when not in use.

A timer is one of the best ways to achieve this so that the pump isn’t on 24 hours per day. Set the timer to run the pump a minimum of 8 hours per day or so that the entire volume of water is filtered once daily.

Perform All Weekly Maintenance

  • Vacuum the swimming pool.
  • Skim the surface of the pool with a net.
  • Empty the skimmer basket.
  • Check and clean filters.
  • Shock the swimming pool’s water.
  • Add chlorine tablets to chlorinator (if applicable).
  • Top off the water level.
  • Balance the swimming pools pH and alkalinity levels.

If you are not going to be able to perform any pool duties for some time, flagyl before leaving you should complete all the steps you normally are required to perform weekly that keeps your water sparkling clean.

Vacuum The Pool

While this isn’t totally necessary when you are away, dirt and debris are likely to enter your pool’s water. Unexpected storms with strong winds may cause leaves to begin floating on top of the water eventually sinking.

Alongside a few bug and other foreign debris, by having your surface vacuumed prior to leaving, the water will be much more welcoming to see when you return from your trip.

Check Filters

  • Check the pressure on DE and and sand filters and backwash if necessary.
  • Inspect, clean and spray cartridge filters.

Failure to check filters may result in less pressure being filtered through your system not giving it the full cleaning power your pool deserves.

Shock The Pool

Giving your pools water a good shock about once a week is standard, but even it was done just a few days ago, go ahead and shock it again. This is necessary to keep all the algae and bacteria from developing while you are away.

If you are expected to be gone for more than a week, you can give it a double or even triple shock treatment.

Unexpected rain may also dilute the chlorine when gone and this is a great preventative measure to battle a rain shower in advance.

Add Chlorine Tablets

If chlorine tables if your primary sanitation method, fill up your chlorinator for a weeks supply or enough for the duration of your trip. Extra tablets can be added as well.

It is better to have your water over chlorinated than under to avoid the development of algae.

Top Off Water

If the water level is below the fill line, it is probably a good idea to place a water hose in the pool and top it off. Evaporation occurs daily and/or miniature leaks may occur and keeping the water full is best when it will not be attended to for a while.

Balance Your Pool Water

Test the pool water pH and alkalinity levels and adjust if necessary. There should be little to no adjustments needed if your pool water is kept in check during the entire swimming season. Never the less it is best to check it and make the necessary adjustments if needed.

Complete Any Final Maintenance Prior To Vacation

Every pool is slightly different and exact maintenance should be considered based on the style you use for your pool.

If you have a salt water system, be sure all cells are cleaned, working properly and set to the proper chlorination settings. Also be sure you do not need to add any salt.

If you typically add algaecide, invisible shield, clarrifier or any other chemical weekly, before heading out would be a good time to add those products as well.

There really isn’t anything special you are required to do before leaving your pool while on a hiatus. Just think of it as performing weekly maintenance and you should have no problem keeping your pool clean the entire time away.

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